Bernie, Biden and the Democrats Problem


Written by George McClellan

Bernie Sanders, Communist and groveler extrodinaire, has apparently abandoned his campaign
for President leaving Joe Biden to the party’s choice to defeat Donald Trump, or has he?

Americans are confronted daily by choices not the least of which is who do we want in 2020 as
our national leader? Do we keep a proven hard charging businessman who has kept his
campaign promises all while defending himself from the dripping evil that is the Democrat Party
determined to destroy him, or do Americans want to empower the very dregs of political
chicanery that is determined to instill Socialism over Representative Government? The US
Constitution is in the way of their goals so they will ignore it or change it by judicial fiat if they
ever come to power again. A cataract of disaster will be visited upon us if they do.

How they get to power again is the next step in their scheme and it involves the vote. Bernie is
doing his part by withholding his delegates from Joe to force him to the Left which he is doing in
his stump speeches, if he can remember his lines without getting befuddled. Democrats see the
China Virus as a method to demand mail in ballots for the 2020 National Election, a sure fire win
for Democrats that must be resisted everywhere, as is their notion to go with the popular vote
over the Electoral College. Voting must be done only when presenting a valid photo ID, absentee ballots for Americans abroad or in hospital, excepted. Let’s keep what we’ve got.

To continue the present chaos however Democrats in our hour of peril, misconstrue the China
Virus attack that they hope is harming Trumps American economic miracle. Determined to make
it Trumps fault they’re eager to kill further relief by overloading the new small business relief bill
with AOC’s economy killing “Green New Deal”and blame Trump for the failure. This is a Pelosi
and Schumer act of defiance and demonstrates that, second only to China, the Democrats party
is Americas worst enemy.

So, why has Bernie not thrown his delegates to Joe? Why has Obama not supported his VP?
The Democrat party’s candidate selection process has been a disaster that continues up to this
minute while demonstrates the schism in their party that forbids them coming together.

Imagine if you will, Joe Biden leading American out of the twilight zone of our virus pandemic?
The power hungry Democrats who reside in the disease ridden swamp of political payoffs,
bribery and corruption, see Joes constant campaign faux pas’ as endangering their chances.

He’s a bumbling fool, lies constantly, gets his facts mixed and can’t remember names. And that
begs the question, will Joe actually become their candidate? I suspect not! He’s now tied with
NY Governor, Cuomo who isn’t running…yet!

To defeat Trump, the China virus offered Democrats another shot at the prize. Democrats need
to extend the reign of fear Americans are now experiencing. To do so, they must lie, cheat and
steal, create false impressions, make unsubstantiated claims, tout false science, promote phony
claims, silence conservative opinions and alter facts all to maintain confusion and chaos. The
media is their cohort in their negative propaganda campaign attacking President Trump.

Can Trump revive the economy without reviving the Virus? Not if Pelosi has anything to do
about it! DC’s swamp sludge creatures are determined to stop Trump by hook or crook from
winning another term but they can't do it with the doddering old fool Joe Biden, afflicted as he is
with senility, memory loss, and apparently, female deprivation.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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